About Us

Our mission is to develop innovative, science-based prenatal and pediatric tests that parents can trust, to help them give their children healthier, better lives. We're best known for the early gender DNA test SneakPeek Gender, which has been used by over 750,000 parents to bond with their babies, make plans, and connect with friends and family, earlier than ever before possible. Gateway Genomics is located in San Diego, California.

Our Values

Here at Gateway Genomics, our values stem from the basic tenets of teamwork, collaboration, and communication. We believe in listening to all voices, and not being afraid to respectfully challenge the status quo. Every day, we come to work and put on our thinking caps to do the best for our customers and each other, working with flexibility and ownership. If this sounds like you, come join us!

Our Guiding Principles

Empower Others

Unleash the greatness of others. Create opportunities that encourage learning, development and growth. Recognize team success. Invest in each other. Define desired outcomes and make sure nothing is in the way, including you.

Live the Customer’s Experience

Spend time to deeply understand every customer inside and outside the company. Solve problems from their perspective. Deliver value by meeting their needs. Be remarkable and earn trust in every interaction.

Be Inclusive

Act first to understand, then be understood. Believe that to achieve our goals, we need a diverse set of voices. Challenge the norm and seek out unique points of view through healthy debate. Always deal in an honest, direct and transparent way.

Be a G-Nome

Get to know the business inside and out. Embrace the good news and the bad. Think long term and spend money wisely. Imagine what is possible in all that you do. Think outside the box to solve our greatest challenges and make an impact on our future.

Perks and Benefits
We have benefits that meet our employees’ needs, including a 401K match, unlimited vacation days, and a company equity sharing plan.

Paid Time Off

Remote Work Opportunities

Savings & Retirement

Tuition Reimbursement

Company Equity Plan

Medical Health Insurance

Dental and Vision Plan

Fully Paid Maternity Leave

Meet Some of the Team

Chris Jacob SVP, General Manager

Angela Shue VP of Marketing & Product

David Wang VP of Sales

Derek Farrar Sr. Director of Finance & Controller

Sarah Cacia Director of Business Development

Priscilla Jeng Assoc. Director of Digital Marketing

Sarah Moran Product Manager

Haley Milot Assoc. Director of Lab Operations