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Gateway Genomics, leading developer of direct-to-consumer genetic tests that give families insight into their future children, announces that the SneakPeek DNA test is now available to Australian mums to learn the gender of their babies as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy.

SneakPeek is an at-home DNA test that is ordered through the product’s website or through its Amazon Australia listing. The test is sent directly to mum’s home where she collects her sample using kit components, and she sends it back with prepaid postage to SneakPeek Labs for analysis. Based on non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) technology, SneakPeek is clinically-proven to be 99.1% accurate. At just $129, with the ability to provide gender results within 8 hours of receiving the sample at SneakPeek Labs, the test is more affordable and faster than any other available option on the market.

“We know how excited families are to learn the gender of their babies so they can share with loved ones and make plans as soon as possible,” says Gateway Genomics CEO, Chris Jacob. “We’ve streamlined the process for Australian parents with fast overnight mail deliveries and prioritization at SneakPeek Labs. Thanks to an emphasis on swift operations, families in Australia can now learn their baby’s gender as fast as a total of 4-5 business days after placing an order online.”

SneakPeek has already seen tremendous traction since the product launched in Australia earlier in November. Traffic to its Australia website has far exceeded the timelines of similar SneakPeek launches in other countries. “Our goal is to make affordable, accessible information available to parents everywhere, so they can help their children live the best lives possible,” continues Mr. Jacob. “Australia is the 3rd country SneakPeek has entered in the last 2 years. With every new market launch, the team has developed new capabilities and approaches so we’ve been able to shorten the time between expansions. Our goal is to continue making SneakPeek available globally, so access to information isn’t limited by country borders.”

Gateway Genomics ranked #236 in the 38th annual Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest-growing private companies, #23 in the Health sector, in recognition of achieving 1,786% revenue growth in the last three years. The company’s principal product, SneakPeek, is an easy-to-use DNA test that lets parents know the gender of their babies as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy, with 99.1% accuracy.

About Gateway Genomics

Gateway Genomics is a personal genomics company with the mission to develop leading-edge genetic tests that give families a new level of understanding about their future children. Since inception, more than 400,000 SneakPeek Early Gender DNA tests have been provided to help new parents bond with their babies, make plans, and connect with friends and family around them. Gateway Genomics is located in La Jolla, CA.