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Gateway Genomics, leading provider of direct-to-consumer genetic tests focused on prenatal and pediatric information, reached 750,000 SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Tests sold last month, continuing the company’s rapid growth trajectory.

“For us, reaching 750,000 kits sold is a huge testament to the product innovations we’ve made to the SneakPeek Gender DNA Test, especially in the last year,” says CEO Chris Jacob. “In Q1, we completed a monumental study with over 1,000 participants, assessing the accuracy of the commercially-available SneakPeek Gender Test as compared to the baby’s gender at birth. We found SneakPeek to be 99.9% accurate, making it the most reliable early fetal sex test on the market. In Q2, we launched the breakthrough, painless SneakPeek Snap, which allowed women to learn the sex of their babies for the first time from the comfort of home with no need to prick their fingers. It was and still is the only fetal sex at-home test available with this capability. And recently we completed an extensive study that showed the incredible accuracy of our test even at 7 weeks into pregnancy. I’m proud of the team for continuing to push the envelope to bring accurate fetal sex testing to moms earlier in pregnancy and more easily than ever before.”

The SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test by Gateway Genomics is a fetal sex test that can be taken at just 7 weeks into pregnancy with 99.9% accuracy. The test is available in two ways: An At-Home version that can be ordered from the company’s ecommerce website in four countries including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, and a Clinical version that is offered in nearly 1,500 participating medical locations. The two channels give moms the choice of taking the test from the comfort of home or visiting a clinic to have blood drawn by a phlebotomist. Both can return gender results the same day the samples arrive back at SneakPeek Lab.

“The team overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve these product innovations,” continues Mr. Jacob. “We ran three separate clinical studies to launch the Snap device, tweaking and perfecting the product and processes each time. Attaining gender results at 7 weeks required numerous tests and revisions in the lab, trying different methodologies to identify male DNA to the level of sensitivity required for 99.9% accuracy. The plans we have for the upcoming year are even more ambitious as we strive to make DNA-based information available to parents as early and easily as possible.”

In 2021, Gateway Genomics ranked #601 in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., #22 in the Health sector. In 2021’s Inc. 5000 California list, the company was ranked the 56th fastest-growing private company in the state, and #6 in the Health sector. Gateway Genomics’ principal product, SneakPeek Gender, is an easy-to-use DNA test that lets parents know the fetal sex of their babies as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy, with 99.9% accuracy.

About Gateway Genomics

Gateway Genomics is a personal genomics company with the mission to develop leading-edge genetic tests that give families a new level of understanding about their future children. Since inception, more than 750,000 SneakPeek DNA tests have been provided to help new parents bond with and learn about their babies, make plans, and connect with friends and family around them. Gateway Genomics is located in La Jolla, CA.