Research Study Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

We will collect, process and store your Personal Information as part of the research study. Personal Information is information that can identify you, or your child, such as your name, email or street address, or it may be information that could reasonably be linked back to you, or your child, including your child’s Genetic Information. This Privacy Statement describes our practices for collecting, storing and processing your Personal Information and the controls we provide you to manage it within our research study.

2. Account Creation and Your Engagement withGateway Genomics. 

With your consent, we may create an account for you on our website for you to view the results of your child’s test. We will ask before creating an account. If you prefer not to have an account, we will send you your child’s results via email. 

The Personal Information required to create an account with Gateway Genomics is limited to your name, an email address, and a password.  

At any time, you can request Gateway Genomics delete information from your account. You can also delete your entire account.

3. What Information DoesGateway Genomics Collect from You? 

The details below describe in more detail the information we collect from you. In this Privacy Statement, we refer to data that relates to you as “Personal Information.” 

Information category

Account Information. This is collected when you register to be part of the research study: 

  • Your name 
  • An email address 
  • phone number  
  • Your child’s name or nickname 
  • Your mailing address 
  • Your child’s biological sex 
  • Your child’s date of birth 

Genetic Information  

We extract DNA from your child’s check cells (together, your child’s extracted DNA and cheek cells are referred to as “Biological Samples”) at our laboratory when you send it back to us in the envelope provided with your test kit. 

We convert the DNA into machine-readable biometric data (“DNA Data”), which is used to provide information about your child, such as any genetic markers associated with certain biological, physiological, or behavioral traits, such as hair thickness and eye color. 

Your DNA Data and any information derived from your DNA Data or Biological Samples, are referred to as “Genetic Information”. 

A note about the DNA and cheek cells: Once our laboratory has produced your DNA Data, your Biological Samples are destroyed.  

4. What Information Do We Share, when Do We Share It and Who are the Recipients?

Gateway Genomics does not share your child’s individual Personal Information (including your Genetic Information) with third-partiesWe do not share your child’s information with law enforcement. Also, we will not share your child’s Genetic Information with insurance companies, employers, or third-party marketers. 

NOTE: Gateway Genomics does not sell your Personal Information. 

5. Security

Gateway Genomics maintains a comprehensive information security program designed to protect our research participants’ Personal Information using administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. 

The specific security measures used are based on the sensitivity of the Personal Information collected. We have measures in place to protect against inappropriate access, loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information (including Genetic Information) under our control. 

The Gateway Genomics Security Team regularly reviews our security and privacy practices and enhances them as necessary to help ensure the integrity of our systems and your Personal Information. 

We use secure server software to encrypt Personal Information (including Genetic Information), and we only partner with security companies that meet and commit to our security standards. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, we use reasonable efforts to prevent this.